What Is Pattern Studio Doing To Save The Planet? (by Yasaman Hoorfar)

Photo: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/630785491545958171/ Introduction: One of the hottest and most inevitable topics of the clothing industry today is slow fashion. Until not very long ago, mass production was the driving force of all successful industries and businesses and artisan craftsmanship had lost its value. However, nowadays, the scarcity of natural resources along with continuous global natural […]
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SS20 Prelude by Yasaman Hoorfar

My name is Yasaman Hoorfar. I am a slow-making, Whimsical,  and Avant-Garde fashion designer, textile designer, and stylist based in Vancouver with an entrepreneurial spirit. I have been invited by Pattern Studio to talk about my experience using their fashion services. I was very lucky to be introduced to Pattern Studio through one of my […]
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Colorful Legging

Painting & Ideation A fresh sheet of paper is like a clean memory. When you paint, sometimes you get lucky and your brush strokes land exactly where you want, and other times there is no going back; that’s when the real challenge kicks in, where you have to use all your creativity to view what’s […]
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Behind The Seams: Roberto Cavalli’s Photoshopped Fabrics

In this article, I would like to evaluate one of Roberto’s beautiful designs from the SS16 runway collection, and will walk you through my analytical steps via Photoshop. I considered a short black and purple coat covered with a zebra’s skin texture, and the procedure will be as follows: Google “zebra texture” Make sure to […]
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The Design Process: A Love Story

The Design Process: A Love Story Hamid Shams 11-9-2020 Every piece that I design, tells a story. The everyday life is a source of inspiration; from an autumn leaf falling loose from a tree, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, or simply the rise and fall of the day, goes a long way to spark […]
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