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What Is Pattern Studio Doing To Save The Planet? (by Yasaman Hoorfar)

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One of the hottest and most inevitable topics of the clothing industry today is slow fashion. Until not very long ago, mass production was the driving force of all successful industries and businesses and artisan craftsmanship had lost its value. However, nowadays, the scarcity of natural resources along with continuous global natural disasters has made many alert that we cannot produce and consume as we did before and more importantly, we are moving towards a mutual global understanding that we should give materials a purpose more than ever.

At Pattern Studio, we have a zero-waste policy and we respect and use our materials with caution. In this blog post, I would like to introduce the concept of slow design and slow fashion and explain how we try to do our part to save the environment as well as encourage the designers who use our services to join the slow-fashion movement.

What Is Slow Fashion And Where Does The Global Fashion Community Stand In Line With The Movement?

Slow fashion is – as the name suggests, slow-made or in other words, the opposite of fast fashion. While fast fashion only focuses on production and disregards the quality and longevity of the products, slow fashion does the reverse. Fast fashion encourages consumerism as brands release a collection almost every week at incredibly low prices; on the other hand, slow fashion focuses on producing small collections while disregarding fashion industry seasons and following zero-waste policies to minimize landfill waste.

There are many fashion and environmental activists who are trying to change the course of the design and production of clothes. For example, in 2018, a number of performance-based protests took place at London Fashion Week to raise awareness about the destructive impacts of the fashion industry.

There are many designers who are also taking environmentally friendly measures to protect the planet one way or another but for a global-scale impact, we need world-known brands as well as businesses to join the movement too. The creative director, Alessandro Michele, is the first major example to announce that Gucci is going seasonless.

What Is Pattern Studio Doing To Save The Planet?

We find ourselves very lucky to be providing services in not only one of the leading cities of North America in sustainability, but also one of the greenest cities in the world; because that means that we get to maintain and promote Vancouver’s Greenest City plan while serving designers who share the same values and vision as we do here at Pattern Studio.

We believe that sustainability is a seed that each of us must plant and grow in all aspects of our life, from what we buy and how we use it (i.e. clothes, food, etc.) to what we do to serve our community on a local and global scale.

Fabric waste is one of the main causes of pollution in the fashion industry. We are proud to have the latest technology in the house along with a team of experts with a breadth of knowledge who use our machinery to ensure we minimize fabric waste by using fabric/pattern layout techniques and most importantly, using recycled polyester for the majority of our print production, along with using digital printing technique which does not make toxic wastes.

As industry leaders, we keep sustainability at the heart of our production as we remind ourselves that sustainability is always on the move and as a company, we should move along with it by reflecting on the ways that we can ensure we help you help us give back to our community in the hopes of a greener future.

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