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SS20 Prelude by Yasaman Hoorfar

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My name is Yasaman Hoorfar. I am a slow-making, Whimsical,  and Avant-Garde fashion designer, textile designer, and stylist based in Vancouver with an entrepreneurial spirit. I have been invited by Pattern Studio to talk about my experience using their fashion services.

I was very lucky to be introduced to Pattern Studio through one of my coworkers.  I was working under a one-month timeline to produce all eight pieces for my collection before the show.


What I loved most about working with their team was the speed and affordable prices for their textile printing. My biggest worry was the quality of the prints and I was surprised how the colors didn’t wash off after the fabrics were washed or fade over the months!


We did numerous test prints and the textile design team helped me with composition to make sure the patterns fall onto the fabric the right way.

When I work, I see every surface as a canvas of opportunity for me to design new patterns. I translate my feelings into lines and symbols and each of my collections tells a story through symbolism. My designs are synonymous with prints in a kaleidoscope of colors and my clothing line is for anyone who wants to dress unique or dares to break the rules of fashion, bring a sense of playfulness to their wardrobe, be bold, and fun with what they wear.

In 2020, my Spring/Summer collection called Prelude hit the runway at the African Fashion Week. The collection which was composed of eight pieces received a lot of attention from the local and international fashion community such as Vanity Fair and Glamour Magazine as well as Paris and New York Fashion Week.


Prelude is a representation of the flaws in our personalities and how they can surface and serve us positively in a beautiful and colorful way.

You can see more photos of the Prelude collection on my website at www.yasamanhoorfar.com or on my Instagram page at www.instagram.com/yasamanhoorfar

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