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Behind The Seams: Roberto Cavalli’s Photoshopped Fabrics

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In this article, I would like to evaluate one of Roberto’s beautiful designs from the SS16 runway collection, and will walk you through my analytical steps via Photoshop.

I considered a short black and purple coat covered with a zebra’s skin texture, and the procedure will be as follows:

Google “zebra texture” Make sure to download a high quality image.

Zebra Print Vector Art

1. Open Adobe Photoshop and follow this command as Image/Adjustment/threshold with level of 128.
2. Select/Colour range. Click on white area and then press ok.
3. Fill up selected area with purple feature (C=27 M=26 Y=8 K=2). The command will be Edit/Fill.
4. Make a new layer. Command: Layer/New layer.
5. Fill up image with grey feature (C=23 M=18 Y=14 K=1). The command will be Edit/Fill.
6. Command: Filter/Render/Clothes.
7. Make a new layer. Command: Layer/New layer.
8. Fill up image with purple feature (C=26 M=47 Y=0 K=0). The command will be Edit/Fill.
9. In layer pallet, change normal blending mode to burn.
10. Merge down purple layer with clothes layer. Command: Layer/Merge layers.
11. In layer pallet, change normal blending mode to multiply.

For the main part of the cloth, one can see the image of some matte orange lions with centralized circles texture. At the beginning the design looks very complicated and difficult to draw, but I will make it as simple as possible for you. After learning this step, experiment with different pictures of your own.


Open Adobe Illustrator

a. Draw a circle as big as lions’ image size.
b. Draw a circle with 1 cm diameter.
c. Align center of 2 circles in align pallet.
d. Double click on blend tools. Change the option to Specified Steps 130.
e. Click on anchors on top of the big circle and small circle.
f. Copy the new shape texture.

In Photoshop

Paste the newly-made Illustrator circle texture

Level the lions layer with command: Image/Adjustment/Levels input levels ( 19-1.00-130) output levels
(0-250) to change the lion picture to match the sample.

In layer pallet, change normal blending mode to vivid light.

Merge down lion’s layer with circles texture layer. Command: Layer/Merge layers.
Use command Image/adjustment gradient map. Click on gradient line and edit it.
Feature (C=26 M=47 Y=0 K=0) Location=43%.
(C=68 M=61 Y=53 K=88) Location=58%.
(C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=0) Location=70%

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